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Branding Photography for Business Owners

Meet Uli Billington, Owner of Scoop the Magic, a vegan ice-cream business.

I met Uli at a parent participation class. Sidebar - if you're a new parent I highly recommend enrolling in a class. I've met some of the most beautiful people there and made friends for life. That being said, Uli is one of the most ambitious people I’ve come across. She took over a local dairy-free ice cream business and had been working hard on growing the business and making it her own.

When she approached me about telling the story of her business and where she wanted to go I was thrilled, not to mention a fan, the raspberry is my favorite! We discussed the direction she wanted to go visually with packaging, identifying who her clients were and how to best bring her customers along the journey. As a true local brand she’s spent mornings, evenings and weekends at farmers market’s, and I couldn’t think of a better place to tell her story. Shortly after her vision board was born.

A vision board is more than pretty pictures, it helps you focus your planning with intention by being a visual reminder of the look or feeling you want to achieve. I love taking a screenshot on my phone so I have it handy while shopping or location scouting. It’s important to remember that while a vision board is a helpful tool, you're not married to it and if something else comes over you that you prefer, then go with it!!

I met Uli on a Thursday night at our local farmer’s market and we walked around, took in the sights and sounds and of course took some pictures along the way too! Take a look at what we walked away with.


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